1. ¿Do I need to have a visa for the Dominican Republic?
The great majority of foreign North American and European citizens etc. do not require a visa, only a proof of their citizenship or origin by way of a passport or birth certificate.

2. ¿Is this about a vacation club or rightfully owning property?

You rightfully acquire and own the property and can live in it year round, keep it closed up when you wish or rent it out for a while if you so desire, not a vacation club

3. ¿What are the rights and duties of the proprietor?

As with all projects of this category, you’ll receive detailed rules and regulations, nevertheless, your first and most important entitlement is the safety of your investment and to have a good time without any surprises, fully enjoying your property, in contact with the surrounding nature and our staff offering you their most excellent service.

4.¿How can we be sure about the legality of the property titles?

All transactions made by Desarollos Sol, our real estate branch, is supported by the prestigious international firm, Stewart Title Guaranty Company for title verification, whose guarantee satisfies even the most demanding of our prospective clients.

5. ¿Are children and pets allowed?

Children are welcome in Palma Real Villas, since we have a lot of outdoor space and the distances between residences allows for freedom to move without interfering with neighbors; up to two household pets per residential unit are permitted.

6. ¿How about electric power, water, sewer, cable TV and maintenance?
There are no power outages in this part of the country since we rely on a private company to supply this area, as well as the water supply to which we additionally require an individual cistern be installed by the builder with every unit built; we have an efficient sewer system and treatment plant, we also have cable TV service for the entire project which is supplied by a private company.

7. ¿How about security?

In all of Palma Real, at each street and predetermined 10 meter intervals, we have exclusive private security personnel on duty 24 hours, to ensure the tranquility of our proprietors and their guests.

8. ¿How do I rent my property?

With a contract made by our sales staff and a comfortable commission, we will take care of all related details.

9. ¿Do I have rights to use the beach and other amenities at the resort?

All of Palma Real Villas proprietors have this right. They can access the beach at no cost. They receive a 25% discount on all inclusive plans based on the local published rate, 25% discount on Day or Night passes, indoor multipurpose sport facility ( basketball/indoor soccer/ volleyball) at no cost from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, beach and pool access at the Hotel Melia Caribe Tropical, 25% discount at the Gabi Beach Club Restaurant of the Hotel Paradisus Palma Real.

10. ¿Can I build with my own design?

Yes, you can. Design must first be submitted to our Engineering and Architectural Design Council for review and approval. If not, we have development experts associated with the project that can offer marvelous options for your selection

11. ¿Tell me about the airport, transportation, pharmacy, medical services and supermarket?

The airport is about 20 minutes away, aircraft of all sizes and ports of origin arrive there. Once there it is easy to get moving by rental car, taxi or your own vehicle.  There are 24 hour medical services available in the area surrounding the resort. A few minutes away from the complex and also available to proprietors, we have our own commercial center that is home to 60 commercial premises with parking space for 600 automobiles which has a pharmacy.  There are several supermarkets to choose from in the surrounding area.

12. ¿How about the climate?
Most of the year it is sunny in the Dominican Republic and in this area of the country, which is a green plain without mountains or thick forests, the rain is wise and timely.

13. ¿Is there private domestic service?

’s available to you by way of an agreement or by direct contract and for a modest sum, depending on the ease of exchanging dollars or Euros to Dominican pesos.

14. ¿. What types of properties are available?

Palma Real Villas has: Single family unit villas and duplexes, apartments and lots.

15. ¿What size are the lots?

Land lots start at 1000 square meters.

16. ¿How can you pay for them?

We have two options. A) With 15 day reservations. If the customer relinquishes to formalize their reservation within that time period, that is to say within the 15 days, the complete deposit will be returned to them, the balance, at the signing of the contract. b) In case option is to finance through one of our financial institutions, reserve for 15 days with an initial 30% of the total value of the lot and finance the remaining 70%.

17. ¿When can I begin with the construction?

Once the Option Contract has been signed, construction can begin independently of whether the total price of the property has been paid or not. In the meantime you can also enjoy proprietors' privileges.

18. ¿What is the maintenance fee for empty lots?

It is US$80 per month.

19. ¿If we purchase a villa, what is included in the price, what are the villas like and is the land included in the price?

A) Already constructed villas: The prices of the villas also include the land on which they are built.
B) Town House: 2 Bedroom, constructed with two stories (levels).
C) Apartments: 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms built on a single level. D) Duplex villas: two story construction with three bedrooms.
E) Single family individual villas: Starting at 240 square meters with one or two stories and starting at three bedrooms and up.

20. ¿How are villas and apartments paid for?

1) 15 to 20 day reservations. If the client relinquishes formalizing their reservation within the deadline, that is to say, within the 15 days, the entire deposit will be returned to them.
2) Complete 20% of selling price, after discounting reservation amount.
3) 60% of selling price during the time of construction which will depend on the level of progress on the construction

21. ¿Can we obtain financing with a bank?

Yes, it is possible to finance through local banks which offer financing in US dollars as well as Dominican pesos with payment terms of up to 15 years.

22. ¿What building materials are used in the construction of the villas and apartments?

First class building materials, mahogany or Andiroba cabinets and doors, marble or imported ceramic floors, aluminum and crystal windows, wood lined closets, Jacuzzi bathtubs in the master bedrooms. But for a few exceptions, air conditioning in all areas of all villas and apartments are included in the selling price.

23. ¿What is the monthly maintenance fee for villas and apartments and what does it include?

For: one bedroom apartments, US$105.00; 2 bedrooms- US$120.00, 3 bedrooms- US$130.00 per month. This includes:

Pool maintenance (parts and accessories not included).
Garden maintenance (replacement not included).
Maintenance and beautification of common areas.
Maintenance of Treatment Plant.
Road repair and maintenance.
Fumigation of common areas.
Trash pick up.

For single family villas: US$225.00 and for Duplex villas US$140.00 and includes:

Common area beautification and maintenance.
Treatment plant maintenance.
Road repair and maintenance.
Fumigation of common areas.
Trash pick up.

24. ¿What happens with payments for other services?

Individual private services made to the property such as telephone, cable TV, electric power, water, internet service, etc. will have to be formalized by contracts with the suppliers of said services who will install meters. The user will pay for consumption of these services.

25. Electric power service, how is it, is it done directly with you?

The Bávaro area receives electric power supplied by a private company (CEPM) which allows us to receive a highly efficient service in what pertains to electric power the reason why we have absolutely no problem with the service.

When the proprietor sends a communication letting them know, CEPM gives users that don't permanently reside in the villas, the option to suspend electrical service for up to one year while the villa is not in use without loosing the original deposit or reducing the quantity of Kilowatts that are under contract.

26. ¿What other advantages do we have when buying at Palma Real Villas?

At the Meliá Caribe Tropical Hotels

a) 25% discount on all inclusive plans based on the local published rate.
b) 25% discount on Day or Night passes.
c) Indoor multipurpose sport facility (basketball/indoor soccer/ volleyball) at no cost from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.
d) Beach and pool access to the Melia Caribe Tropical Hotel.
*All these services are subject to availability and previously made reservation(s) through the offices of Palma Real Villas.

At the Golf Course:
Proprietors will obtain a free membership to the Cocotal Golf and Country Club.
They also receive:
10% discount on golf lessons and clinics.
10% discount on equipment rentals (shoes, clubs)
10% discount on Pro-shop purchases
25% discount on food and drinks consumed at Club House

Golf privileges are obtained by paying an annual quota of US$1000 per family. A US$25 green fee per person includes the use of a golf cart and tax once Golf Club payment has been paid and confirmed.

27. ¿Which taxes must we pay?

Governmental taxes: All acquirers, Dominicans and foreigners alike, must pay the equivalent of 3% of the declared property value to the Dominican State, at the moment that the property rights of the acquired property are transferred to their name. This is a one time tax and additionally they will pay an annual tax of 1% (IVSS) on property value after discounting RD$5,000,000.00 annually from the declared value of the property which as consequence the 1% will be paid over the excess amount.

28.¿What happens if we wish to rent, can we count on some kind of service on behalf of the company?

We offer our acquirers an optional administration program for the rental of your property, in which we locate, screen and give continuous follow-up to the rental of your property.

29.¿How much do we pay for this service?

The cost for rental management is 20% of the rent. You are not under any obligation to join the rental program.